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I was fortunate.  Born the son of an engineer, I was raised in an environment that fostered the passion to diagnose, tinker, and fix any mechanical device I could get my hands on.  Ask my mother and she'll say I was born with a wrench in my hand.

Growing up in an era without the internet, at least as a child and teenager, information about whatever device was my next victim was difficult to come by.  Repair manuals were pricey and required precious time to be delivered.

Therefore, in order to effect a repair, I had to learn the skills of reverse-engineering.  Take it apart, see what the designer of the device had in mind, and put it back together again.

Trial and error was the order of the day.  Though frustrating at times, this process granted me the skills I have today. 

It still shocks me that I've been employed in various positions for 30 years.  I've led a varied working life, never settling in one position for more than 7 years.  Most pertinent to this endeavor is the time I spent working as an Automotive Technician for foreign and domestic dealerships.  That career afforded home ownership, which brought with it the demand for a whole new set of skills as I shunned purchasing the "move in ready" house, choosing instead the challenge of "fixer-uppers."

Now that the internet and, more specifically, YouTube, make available to anyone with a connection a bewildering amount of information, it's time for me to contribute to the catalog.